Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to "science of architecture." These are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry.


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Vaastu Shiromani

Paper-I (200 Marks)

  • Introduction:The Efficacy of VaastuShastra, Relevance of Vaastu in Modern World, The Concept of VaastuPurusha, Pauranic Story of VaastuPurusha, VaastuPurusha – Rituals

  • Application of Vaastu: Multi Storeyed Residential Buildings, Central Space and Plinth, Height of the Multi Storeyed

  • Buildings, Vaastu and Modern Engineering, VaastuMuhurta

  • Types of Plot: Examination of the Land, Types of Land, Slope of the land, Location, Selection of Plots, Shape of Plots, Grading of Plots

  • Houses/Plots in Different Directions :Vaastu Compass , VaastuDirections,East Direction, Houses/Plots,West Direction, Houses/Plots,North Direction Houses/Plots,SouthDirection Houses/Plots, Northeast Direction Houses/Plots, Northwest Direction  Houses/Plots,  Southeast   Direction   Houses/ Plots, Southwest Direction Houses/Plots, Diagonal Plots : Vaastu Directions , Vaastu for Skewed Plots, Street Focus / VeethiShoola: Auspicious & Inauspicious VeethiShoola

Paper-II (200 Marks)

  • Planning of Houses / Buildings / Flats :Directional Slopes, Vaastu and BrahmasthanVaastu and the Gods, MarmaSthan

  • Doors, Windows & Staircases, Water Resources & Septic Tank, Bathroom, Children’s Room and Study Room, Bed Room, Drawing Room /Living Room, Guest Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Patio / Verandah, Garage, Basement and Locker Room, Garden and Environment, Store Room / Granary Room & Servant Room, Pooja Room, MultistoreyBuildings,Evaluation of Flat/Apartment

  • Remedies for Vaastu Faults: Worship of Vaastu Deities, Worshipping the Yantras,Rudraksha, Auspicious Materials, Cure Vaastu Defects without Demolition,Colour Scheme, Colours for Home, Evaluation

Paper III (100 Marks)

  • Dissertation Work: Observation & analysis of 5 Residential lay- outs and guidance for remedies. (50 Marks)

  • Viva-voce (50 Marks)

Vaastu Manishi

Paper-I (200 Marks)